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Testimonials: Testimonials

Thank you for everything, Brandi!
In the very early days after my first daughter was born, Brandi single-handedly gave me the hope, support, and confidence I needed to believe in myself and my ability to breastfeed my daughter! She not only coached me in technique and patiently answered all of my questions, but took a genuine interest in my wellbeing as a new mom. After I got the hang of it, I continued to schedule visits with Brandi because she provided such a genuinely welcoming and supportive space for me as I figured everything out. Brandi is the epitome of professional excellence and expertise, and is also equally grounded in her personal experience as a mom who has experienced it all, which made me feel even more confident and comfortable working with her. I would highly recommend Brandi to any and all new and seasoned moms. Thank you, Brandi!

-Jessie S.

I have had the pleasure of working side by side with Brandi Flores for the last 3 1/2 years in pediatrics. You can see the compassion, knowledge and respect she has for her patients. She is very passionate about assisting mom and baby on how to breastfeed. She is an excellent advocate about educating others about how to breastfeed and you can see how she loves it. As a co-worker and friend, what you see, is her. She is loving, supportive and very true to herself. This is what she lives and breaths for. Helping mommies to feel confident and comfortable nursing their new born. Love you Brandi.

-Michelle C.

With something as important as lactation support, it is crucial you have someone knowledgeable, kind and patient walk you through the tips/tricks + everything in between. I have worked with Brandi in pediatrics for more than 2 years now and have told her myself, the moment I have a baby, I’m calling you! She truly is amazing at what she does. Her passion for helping families/mom and baby with lactation is admirable. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge and experience, she takes the time to listen to her families/mom’s concerns + needs. I would recommend her to any of my family/friends in a heartbeat. Thank you for what you do Brandi! 

-Jocelyn F. 

Working with Brandi was a great experience. We primarily needed help with weaning our baby off the nipple shield, but we also had a lot of other general questions that Brandi was more than happy to address. She stayed in constant contact with us and she was very quick and professional in her communications. She was available to answer our questions leading up to our appointment (and now following it) via email, and also offered her phone number for more direct communication if we needed it. She was very respectful of our home and personal space, always asking for permission before placing her hands on me or my baby to assist in the latch. Her positive attitude and sympathy to our struggles helped me relax and made me feel heard and supported. Since we saw her 3 days ago we have been successful in latching our baby without the nipple shield on multiple occasions, and have full confidence that we will reach our goal of weaning him from the nipple shield.
Brandi is a pleasure to work with, you won't regret it.

-Wendy M.

I've worked along side Brandi Flores providing lactation services in an outpatient hospital setting, and I can definitely say she is passionate about helping mothers breastfeed. She is caring, compassionate, and committed to supporting her clients reach their goals. She actively listens, communicates effectively, and provides relevant resources. If you are looking for a lactation consultant, Brandi is your person! She will help you through the process of breastfeeding so that you can build confidence and feel empowered.

-Arlette H.

Brandi empowered me to be confident in breastfeeding. The moment she arrived to our house she made everyone feel comfortable! I had already seen 4 lactation consultants at Kaiser but was still having difficulty getting my 2 week old to latch correctly consistently by myself at home. What finally worked was that Brandi was able to teach me different methods and essentially different tools to put in my breastfeeding toolkit to adjust to my baby's mood or situation. It has made a world of difference! With practice and support from Brandi I've learned to easily identify adjustments needed for a better latch and focus more on bonding with my little one rather than getting frustrated with how to breastfeed. Literally has transformed my tears of frustration to tears of joy. Brandi is supportive and kind, and very knowledgeable and I highly recommended her to any mother during their breastfeeding journey! I can't thank Brandi enough!

-Vicky C.

I had a in person apt today with Brandi and my 6 week old son due to issues with breastfeeding. Let me start off with saying- She is amazing. We did a weighed feeding (which is always reassuring since you can get an idea of how much baby is eating), she checked my flange size to make sure it was the correct size, assisted with nursing, answered all my questions AND the best part- she got my son to poop after not pooping for 5 days after transitioning from supplementing to strictly breastfeeding. I highly recommend Brandi. You can tell she is very passionate about what she does and truly cares about your success.

-Becky C.

Thank goodness I found Brandi when I did. After a negative experience with a previous lactation consultant, I was desperate to find better support as a first time mom with a 2 month old.
I contacted Brandi and she has been extremely supportive,  and compassionate in the way she works. 
I wish I met her sooner! 
I am grateful to be able to continue working with her throughout my breast-feeding journey.
Brandi is generous with her knowledge, and kindness. Her passion for her work shines through.
-Anna G. 

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