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About Brandi Flores IBCLC

Certified Lactation Consultant

As a certified Lactation Consultant, I understand the weight and frustration of needing help but not knowing where to turn to first. That’s why my mission is simple: give my clients the wellness education, tools and resources that they need to identify the cause of their lactation problems, understand the processes to fix them, and put a plan together that’s personalized and effective to support you and your baby on your lactation journey.



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Through an integrative and personalized approach, I give you the tools to implement an effective plan that you feel comfortable with. While focusing on your ultimate lactation goals. Find out more below.

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Client Testimonials


Thank you for everything, Brandi!

In the very early days after my first daughter was born, Brandi single-handedly gave me the hope, support, and confidence I needed to believe in myself and my ability to breastfeed my daughter! She not only coached me in technique and patiently answered all of my questions, but took a genuine interest in my wellbeing as a new mom. After I got the hang of it, I continued to schedule visits with Brandi because she provided such a genuinely welcoming and supportive space for me as I figured everything out. Brandi is the epitome of professional excellence and expertise, and is also equally grounded in her personal experience as a mom who has experienced it all, which made me feel even more confident and comfortable working with her. I would highly recommend Brandi to any and all new and seasoned moms. Thank you, Brandi!

Jessie S.