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How to flipple to achieve a deeper, wider latch

How to get a wider, deeper latch using the flipple technique

Shape your breast so that your nipple points up against your baby’s nose.

2. Form your breast into a hamburger shape and place it in line with the baby’s mouth. The orientation is critical. When shaping your breast into the shape of a hamburger, the piece from which they take a bite must match the alignment of your baby’s mouth and lips. More infographics and information can be found here.

3. Allow your baby to root and open its mouth wide. It is advantageous if your baby can feel your breast with their lower lip or chin.

4. At that point, use your other hand to guide your baby to the breast.

5. Your baby will take the breast and place it in its mouth, beginning with the chin. Your baby will latch on to the underside of the breast tissue while the nipple is still pointing up to the roof of its mouth.

6. Once latched, your baby should have a much larger mouthful of breast tissue and you should be able to see much less of the breast and areola.

7. You may initially be concerned that your baby is unable to breathe because their face is much deeper into the breast tissue; this is normal. Continue to observe your baby as you gain confidence in seeing them feed in this manner.

If you are still struggling with a shallow latch and/or experiencing nipple pain or damage, seek IBCLC support.






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