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Finding the proper flange fit

The proper flange fit will assist you in efficiently expressing as much breast milk as possible. The size of your flange is determined by the flexibility of your skin and the density of your breast tissue. Your breasts will be constricted if your flange is too tight, which can lead to clogged milk ducts and slower milk output.

However, if your flange is too loose, you may not be able to remove all of the milk from your breast, resulting in a reduction in milk production. It can also lead to nipple pain and injury. Your milk supply may be hampered if pumping hurts. It’s also less probable that you’ll keep to it.

Using the proper flange size is essential to getting the most milk output when pumping as well as to help keep the nipples from becoming injured while pumping.

Wondering how to tell if you have the correct flange size?

Here’s how to tell:

The nipples in the center are unrestricted in their movement. Your nipple should be able to travel freely in and out of the tunnel without hitting the walls and without causing pain or redness.

Only a small amount of tissue from the areola should be sucked into the tunnel. With each pump cycle, a small amount of areola should be drawn into the tunnel, but not too much or none at all.

Your breasts move in a rhythmic, gentle motion. Every time the pump rotates, your breasts should softly glide back and forth.

Pumping her breasts is a relaxing experience for her. There should be no pain or tenderness from your breast pump.

Breasts that have been well-drained To maintain your milk production, your pump must extract the bulk of the milk from your breasts. Once you’ve finished, your breasts should feel softer and lighter.

If you need flange fitting support, please reach out.






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