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In-Home Lactation Consultant

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In-Home Lactation Consultant In Richmond, CA

When it comes to Breastfeeding there can be a number of challenges you face as a parent. Sometimes it’s in your best interest to call in a breastfeeding expert to get to the bottom of the issue. In this case, the expert is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Brandi Flores IBCLC is an expert lactation consultant that offers breastfeeding support in California. As an in-home lactation consultant in Richmond, CA,  Brandi Flores IBCLC will help assist you throughout your breastfeeding journey.


In order to help you be prepared for your lactation consult, Brandi Flores IBCLC has outlined what mothers can expect from an in-home lactation consultation near Richmond, and what they can do to get the most out of their visit.

What To Expect During Your Lactation Consultation

You can expect to have a full breastfeeding assessment upon your visit. I will set up a breastfeeding scale to measure the pre-and post weight and determine the amount of milk transferred. Feedback will be given during the in-person lactation consultation along with documents that will be emailed following the visit.


I will also perform a thorough assessment of your baby’s oral anatomy to check for a possible lip or tongue tie as well as perform an assessment of the mothers anatomy and medical history to develop the best care plan for you and your baby. 


How To Prepare For An In-Person Lactation Visit

There is no preparation needed during the in-person lactation consultation. Prior to your visit, Brandi Flores IBCLC will ask for a detailed health history, details about your labor and delivery, and how breastfeeding or pumping has been progressing so far during your online lactation consultation via the detailed health documents sent over a HIPAA secure patient portal. 


It is recommended that mothers have their partner, spouse or family member present to listen and ask questions during the visit. It is important to have assistance and support during the breastfeeding process.

How Long Is An In-Home Consultation?

A lactation consultation with Brandi Flores IBCLC is an hour long. Multiple babies and additional pumping assessments may take an additional half an hour or hour depending on the need. Additionally more than one lactation consultation may be needed and recommended to help families achieve their personalized long term lactation goals. 

In-Home Lactation Consultant Near You

Whether you’re a resident of Richmond or live in the surrounding area, Brandi Flores IBCLC provides in-home lactation consultations near you. Brand Flores IBCLC travels up to 30 miles from Richmond, CA and the surrounding area of Contra Costa County to provide in-person breastfeeding support. As a local lactation consultant, Brandi Flores IBCLC understands the needs of mothers and will make sure to make your breastfeeding journey as convenient as possible.










Surrounding Areas

If you live in Contra Costa County, Brandi Flores IBCLC is the best in-person lactation consultant near you. My service is both affordable and convenient and offers high quality breastfeeding support services without breaking the bank. 


Areas Include

  • Marina Bay

  • El Cerrito

  • Kensington

  • El Sobrante

  • San Pablo

  • Tara Hills


Travel Fees

Brandi Flores IBCLC imposes a travel fee of $50-100 for gas and mileage depending on the distance traveled in and around Richmond, CA and the surrounding area. Travel fees are not covered by insurance providers. Visit our page about accepted health insurance or call (510) 334-2412. 

Schedule An Appointment

For more information about in-home lactation consultations, contact us below or call (510) 334-2412.


Serving The San Francisco Bay Area

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